OTHA 2016 short abstracts

OTHA 2016 short abstracts The conference is dedicated to the 75 annual jubilee of Professor Stefan Samko (Russia, Portugal). The general core of the conference is related to the different areas of mathematics, especially harmonic analysis, functional analysis, operator theory, function theory, differential equations and fractional analysis, developed intensively last decade. Sessions: – Functional Analysis and Operator Theory; – Function Theory and Approximation Theory; – Differential Equations and Mathematical Physics; – Probability-Analytical Models and Methods; – Bioinformatics and mathematical modeling; – Intellectual data analysis. The host universities are: Southern Federal University (sfedu.ru) and Don State Technical University (dstu.ru). The conference is supported by Russian fund for fundamental research (rfbr.ru) and International Society for Analysis, Applications and Computation (mathisaac.org). Deadline for registration: 5th of April, 2016. To register please go to: http://otha.sfedu.ru/. For further details and contact: E-mail: otha.conference@gmail.com.

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