OTHA-2018 in Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics

OTHA-2018 in Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics Modern Methods in Operator Theory and Harmonic Analysis. OTHA 2018, Rostov-on-Don, Russia, April 22-27, Selected, Revised and Extended Contributions. Editors: Karapetyants, Alexey, Kravchenko, Vladislav, Liflyand, Elijah (Eds.)

This proceedings volume gathers selected, peer-reviewed papers from the "Modern Methods, Problems and Applications of Operator Theory and Harmonic Analysis VIII" (OTHA 2018) conference, which was held in Rostov-on-Don, Russia, in April 2018. Prepared in the framework of ISAAC-Springer agreement.

The book covers a diverse range of topics in advanced mathematics, including harmonic analysis, functional analysis, operator theory, function theory, differential equations and fractional analysis – all fields that have been intensively developed in recent decades. Direct and inverse problems arising in mathematical physics are studied and new methods for solving them are presented. Complex multiparameter objects that require the involvement of operators with variable parameters and functional spaces, with fractional and even variable exponents, make these approaches all the more relevant.

Given its scope, the book will especially benefit researchers with an interest in new trends in harmonic analysis and operator theory, though it will also appeal to graduate students seeking new and intriguing topics for further investigation.

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