OTHA-Spring-2023 in Armenia - Celebrating the 80th anniversary of the Armenian Academy of Sciences. International scientific workshop OTHA Spring 2023 was held on 18-22 April 2023 in the Institute of Mathematics of NAS RA (Yerevan). The Workshop was dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia. The organizers and co-chairs of the organizing committee are A.N.Karapetyants and R.G.Aramyan.

The program of the OTHA Spring 2023 included a number of invited lectures by: Jim Byrnes (USA), Luigi D'Onofrio (Italy), Francisco García Pacheco (Spain), Gegham Gevorgyan (Armenia), Alexey Karapetyants (Russia), Suheil Khoury (UAE), Vladislav Kravchenko
(Mexico), Michael Lacey (USA), Fernando León Saavedra (Spain), Elijah Liflyand (Israel), Issam Louhichi (UAE), Helmuth Malonek (Portugal), Ryskul Oinarov (Kazakhstan), Armen Sergeev (Russia), Andrei Shkalikov (Russia), Maria Skopina (Russia). During the OTHA Spring-2023 Workshop the representatives of Springer Nature  A.Biryukov (Germany) and T.Golea (Germany) presented an exhibition of books and journals, which were subsequently donated to the library of the Institute.

A special issue of the Journal of Mathematical Sciences is in the process of being formed based on the results of the workshop. As a satellite event, a one day conference in the Southern Federal University was held on April 28. Link to Armenia's tv first channel report: https://youtu.be/jr-N7f4N7_A.

OTHA workshops are part of the OTHA conference/workshops/seminars/editorial activities
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