About a conference

International Scientific Conference "Modern Methods, Problems and Applications of Operator Theory and Harmonic Analysis"

Program Committee:

A.N.Karapetyants - chairman, SFEDU; S.G.Samko - co-chair (Russia, Portugal); O.G.Avsyankin, SFEDU; A.B.Antonevich, (Belorussia); V.A.Babeshko, academician (the Russian Academy of Sciences); V.I.Burenkov, RUDN; L.F.Castro, University of Aveiro; M.L.Goldman, PFUR; B.I.Golubov, MIPT; Ya.M.Erusalimskiy, SFEDU; M.I.Karyakin, SFEDU; S.V.Kislyakov, academician (the Russian Academy of Sciences), PDMI RAS, V.I.Kolesnikov, academician (the Russian Academy of Sciences); A.G.Kusraev, Vladikavkaz Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences; M. Lanza de Cristoforis, University of Padua; E.R.Liflyand, (Israel); A.V.Melerzanov, MIPT; A.B.Nersesyan, academician (the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia); I.V.Pavlov, DSTU; K.V.Rudakov, academician (the Russian Academy of Sciences); V.S.Rabinovich, (Mexico); A.G.Sergeev, Steklov Math. Institute; A.P.Soldatov, Federal Research Center "Computer Science and Control" RAS; R.M.Trigub, (Israel); A.A.Shkalikov, MSU; Vladislav V. Kravchenko, Mexico; Virginia Kiryakova, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences; H.R.Malonek, (Portugal).

The Organizing Committee:

A.N.Karapetyants - chairman; O.G.Avsyankin - co-chair; T.M.Andreeva; E.E. Basilyeva-Bagler; Ya.M.Erusalimskiy; L.V.Novikova; A.V.Gil.

The theme of the conference is related to the different areas of mathematics, especially harmonic analysis, functional analysis, operator theory, function theory, differential equations and fractional analysis, developed intensively last decade. The relevance of this topic is related to the study of complex multiparameter objects that require, in particular, to attract operators with variable parameters and functional spaces with fractional and even variable exponents.

E-mail: otha.conference@gmail.com
URL: otha.sfedu.ru