OTHA-2020 in Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics (vol.1)

OTHA-2020 in Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics (vol.1) Modern Methods in Operator Theory and Harmonic Analysis.
OTHA 2020, Part I – New General Trends and Advances of the Theory.
Selected, Revised and Extended Contributions.
Editors: Karapetyants A., Kravchenko V.V., Liflyand, E., Malonek, H.R.

This is the first in the two-volume series originating from the 2020 activities within the international scientific conference "Modern Methods, Problems and Applications of Operator Theory and Harmonic Analysis" (OTHA), Southern Federal University in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. This volume is focused on general harmonic analysis and its numerous applications. The two volumes cover new trends and advances in several very important fields of mathematics, developed intensively over the last decade. The relevance of this topic is related to the study of complex multiparameter objects required when considering operators and objects with variable parameters.

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